Who is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Right For?

There are different kinds of therapies out there that are perfect for different kinds of patients. Depending on your exposure to the mental health and therapy scenes, you could have a good idea of what some of these types of therapies out there are, or you could be just now looking into some options if you think you or someone you love are in need of it.

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One popular kind of therapy right now that can be read much about on the internet is cognitive behavioral therapy, otherwise known as CBT. Who is CBT meant for, though, and could it be the right type of therapy for you or your loved one?

All About CBT

If you’ve caught yourself wondering a little about CBT during your online studies about different types of therapy, don’t worry if you have questions. Largely a type of talk therapy, CBT aims to help people who has made bad decisions or experience negative thoughts examine their thought and decision making process, and helps them to recognize when they are having these thoughts, allowing them to change them.

Here are some of the best candidates for this type of therapy.

Drug or alcohol addicts are great candidates for CBT, as it can help them examine why they chose to use drugs, and how they can avoid drugs and find healthier alternatives going forward in life.

Teenagers who exhibit behavioral issues are another great candidate for CBT. It can help teens realize when they are about to have an emotional outburst, and can let them think about their words before they say them.

Folks dealing with anxiety could also benefit from CBT. It could help people with anxiety recognize their anxious thoughts or actions, and work to correct them before they have an anxiety attack. This can be a good way to control emotions related to anxiety.

If you think CBT could be a good choice for you or your loved one, don’t hesitate to call up cognitive behavioral therapy westampton professionals to get your appointment made and see just how much CBT could do for you.